Pens and Papers

I bought another pen for my collection at the bookstore a few days ago. It's the purple one. I'm using it to grade the sexual autobiographies... purple is so much nicer than red, don't you think? I've been using that wine colored pen (looks pretty pink in the photo) but I think it is too red.

Grading these papers is like nothing else. I am happy that I get to grade interesting papers but at the same time, it comes at a cost. Some of them are so sad, so tragic... that someone like me, who has never experienced what some people have gone through, can only barely imagine the horror. One paper got me really off course tonight. I thought about it too long. So I'm going back to what I did last quarter -- a limit of 5 minutes for crying. God, that sounds awful. Insensitive.

It's not all sad. Some are funny... others are surprising... several force me to wash my hands after grading... only a few are tragic. But even the depressing ones have a light at the end of their tunnels. I am amazed at how these students are so resilient. It's quite inspirational.

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