last night

I thought about what I wanted to do my last night home. I like to go on nighttime drives, up past the capitol, to see the city lights. I also thought about giving some late night phone calls to friends to see if they wanted to hang out for a bit.

But what I really wanted to do was lay outside on the trampoline, staring at the stars. Then sit on the deck enjoying the autumn wind, listening to my mom's wind chimes and petting my oh-so-adorable-and-soft bunny rabbit. So that's what I did.

The view is spectacular of the city, unfortunately this little video doesn't quite do it justice. However, the wind chimes sound perfect. :-)

I leave tomorrow afternoon, with a layover in Fabulous Las Vegas. Then the quarter will start and... posting on this blog may become sporadic.

For now, two favorite songs about Salt Lake City:

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