first day of classes

First day off classes today. I was just a minute or two late after getting lost on my way to the building. I sat down, and pulled out my legal pad and pen. Wrote "204B - Sept 27". Classes? Already? Doesn't feel like it should be starting yet but, by the same token, it should have started a month ago.

My appetite is suppressed. I wonder where it went. I don't feel sick, I just don't have any desire to eat. I'm not depressed. In fact, I'm genuinely content. But here I am blogging and picking at a bag of popcorn, thinking about a study I read that talked about how women in general prefer their bodies in the morning because their stomachs are empty. Have I internalized all this reading?

I'm not the type of person that really cares about body image. There's that quote by someone I can't recall about how "the body is an instrument, not an ornament." As long as I'm healthy, I'm happy. But belief does not necessarily get translated into behavior.

The stats professor asked us to rate our quantitative aptitude on a scale from 1-10. I put 8. I like stats. When he started explaining the basics of statistics and methods, I could feel my muscles relax. He's speaking my language and giving a speech I've heard several times before. He also asked us to rate our anxiety about the course on a scale from 1-10. I put a 2. Low anxiety for sure... but who isn't somewhat anxious about any class?

Like most things on my blog, this had no point. Just thoughts... and a great way to procrastinate for 10 more minutes.

To answer your question, Heather, yes! Speaking of which, I pulled out the "textbook" when my sister and I were talking about the Federal Reserve. I'm going to make sure she takes your class. :-) I have told you that my older sister thought it was one of the most useful classes she took, right?

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