reading old journals

I'm reading through my old high school journals tonight, surprised at how little has changed. Some stuff still doesn't make sense, and somethings that I promised I'd change are still part of me.

Here's a good one, circa 8th grade:

April 6 2002

...I want to list my favorite things. So here goes:
  1. Sleeping in a nightgown
  2. Looking at the stars
  3. Warm bread straight from the oven
  4. Playing with my baby bunny
  5. Taking my hot feet out of tight pointe shoes after a long hard class
  6. Traveling to California
  7. The first fresh days of spring
  8. The smell of a Christmas tree
  9. When you've had a nice hot day in Disneyland, and you have a pink lemonade and some fresh cool fruit
  10. When you get a haircut and your neck just breathes....
Some real revelation from sophomore year:

March 25 2004

I have been out of it all day. I woke up at four this morning and grabbed a huge bag of sunflower seeds. Sat down at my kitchen table with a spoon. 
I have decided that people generally are not evil....

And nothing sums up the hormones of adolescence better than this gem of a poem:


Tall, dark, handsome
So mysterious
Defined chin
And cheekbones
Golden floppy hair
Sticky, warm brown eyes
Every time you open your mouth
I imagine you saying,
"You sex kitten."
But all I hear is,
"What did you get for the magnesium problem?"


2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

How in the world did you sound so smart and so similar to how you are now, in 2002?!! Just this week, I was looking at my diary from back then and I was still dotting my exclamation marks with hearts and adding z's to every other word.

Innate wonder girl, you are. I called it ;)

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, as usual I love it all. But especially the poem!!

Maybe I will copy you and write about a few excerpts from my adolescent journal in future posts on Jenn Writes :)