day of travel + my grandmother, Lady Gaga fan

SLC Int'l enthusiastic travelers.
Windoze fail at Las Vegas airport. :-)
I gambled a dollar... and lost a dollar.
But it was the funnest buck ever!
A high tech Star Wars penny slot machine!
The usual. Peanuts and Bloody Mary mix.
Pretty clouds... somewhere in California!
Pretty lake... somewhere in California!
Home, Sweet Apartment.
Already decorated for Halloween! Thanks, Mom!
The best part of the day (second to booking my Thanksgiving flight):

My mom and I had lunch at my grandmother's house, we drank Diet Cokes, of course. After I was finished with my can, I rolled my hair up in it and turned to my mom. She and I laughed. 
My grandma said, "I saw somebody do that lately... on TV, I think." My mom and I both said, "Lady Gaga?" "Yes, yes, Lady Gaga. She's wonderful!"

You'd be surprised, too. I asked, "You haven't seen one of her music videos have you?"

No, she hadn't. Lady Gaga had been on one of the late night shows talking about Don't Ask, Don't Tell. My grandma and Lady Gaga have the same opinion on the matter. 

I think Lady Gaga would be proud to know that she has at least one Utahn fan over the age of 80! More proof that my grandma has always been hip!

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Anonymous said...

This is so hilarious! Thanks for memorializing this great moment with Grandma!