Put on your Highland sweater with the big 'H' letter!

Another fantastic day in Salt Lake. It was my grandmother's birthday, so I spent a good part of the day with her and extended family. It was very fun! Then my sisters, brother-in-law, mum, and I made pizzas for dinner. My younger sister is on yearbook staff so we took a look through my Highlanders for good things and bad things about them. It was fun to remember the good times with tennis and band and chaos with the literary magazine. There were nice little messages from at least three of my blog readers, Vanessa, Crissy and Kayla. :-) Thanks guys!

Anyway, I'm sleepy. So I am off to bed! Happy Friday!

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Kayla said...

Aw, blog posts like these make me miss Highland. Maybe tonight I need to look through my yearbooks too. We should post exceptionally excellent messages written in them.