five things i'm going to do this quarter!

Five Things Friday!
The quarter starts next Thursday... here are five of my plans:
  • I'm taking statistics (this will be my 6th stats course!), a course on peer relationships in adolecence, and research credits to work on my thesis. I am also employed as a GSR (graduate student researcher). No TAing this quarter! Yay!
  • Hit the gym at least once-a-week (setting reasonable goals, here!)
  • Apply to PhD programs. *Sigh*. I HATE applications and the thought of leaving the Great State of California. Pero que sera, sera.
  • Maintain sanity by getting an average of 6 hours of sleep per night and being social. (Dexter and dinner nights, Caitlin! Yay!)
  • Hit the ground running with a presentation on my thesis project next Friday!
I think this is going to be the hardest quarter of the year. But I do better work when I'm busy, so I think I will survive. And when it's over, I will be 66.67% of the way through my master's degree! Yay!

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