'Cause it's a hard life with love in the world

and I'm a hard girl, lovin' me is like chewing on pearls.

On my walk this morning!
Today has involved a whole lot of nothing. Spent most of the day trying to do stats. You'd be amazed at how much time it takes to do research. First, you need to get your data (which involves creating a study, getting it approved by IRB, doing the study, coding, etc), then you need to recode your data to make the variables you want, then you might need to make composite variables, then you have to do a whole bunch of other stuff to get it into a particular software package (in my case, from SPSS to HLM). Which is where I'm stuck. Once I get my data into HLM, I can start running my models (this is the actual statistics part!). Once I run them, I have to interpret the results.

Truth be told, I love problem solving. I kind of like getting a little frustrated. But I only like it when it works out in the end. There's that nice rush of dopamine. This is a bit over my head, so I'm blogging while I wait to hear from my stats guru. The longer it takes, the more concerned I get that I was way off.

In other news, I got all my laundry done today. Always good. And I decided to try a new Go Girl. This one has aloe vera in it. I'm almost certain I can taste it, but I'm pretty sure it's all in my head.

Yeah, I have nothing to say. 


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