Gratitude #1

Somehow Caitlin, Mayra, and I got on the topic of gratitude this evening whilst working our butts off. Then, while soaking my schnoz in salt water, I got to feeling a little sorry for myself. Woe is me! But I've decided that perhaps I should try an exercise in positivity. Voila, my first post of possibly many about those awesome people, places, and things in my life!

I'm thankful for...
  • Having a gym buddy! Twice this week I've gotten up well before my typical waking time to hit the gym with Caitlin. It makes gym-ery fun.
  • The unplanned dinner with Adrienne and Caitlin on Thursday night. Talking about research, researchers, and puppets with two of my favorite California ladies over mojitos and tasty food. Who has the best adviser ever? Me. No contest.
  • Grad school friends who help me be the best writer and thinker I can be... that's directed straight at Andrew, Caitlin, and Clinton. This crazy paper I'm working on right now might just be a-ok thanks to them!
  • Myself, getting up the guts to put together my thesis committee. Shocking, I know, but I'm a bit of an anxious person, especially when it comes to asking people to commit to me and my work. But I asked and all of them accepted right off the bat!
  • My thesis committee! I think my thesis is going to be pretty sweet thanks to their attention to detail and depth of knowledge. I'm calling my committee the Rockstar Committee. Also, one member mentioned that I should submit my thesis to Child Development. I like that. I like that a lot.
  • Emails and texts from friends, keeping me posted with their random thoughts (thank you, Caitlin!! I laugh out loud at each one) and in touch with what's going on outside the (well, my) ivory tower (that's at you, Aaron and Stephen!).
  • Adrienne, for helping me realize I ONLY HAVE TO TAKE ONE CLASS NEXT QUARTER. Sorry for the all-caps, but that's about the best news I could get right now! AND for helping me figure out multilevel modeling!
  • Messages and Facebook posts from my wonderful family. Ali is super busy with school and friends which I love to hear about, Emily keeps me smiling with her nesting blog posts, and Wes posts the most random but happy things on my wall. It makes me feel like I'm not so far from home.
I'm a lucky gal! Proof's in the pudding.


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