A Map of Love

So... yes, I use OkCupid. "Use" meaning I've never met anyone through it; I have only used it for entertainment and random conversations. They send fun stuff like the map above (and OkTrends is easily one of my favorite blogs). It came right after a conversation with my mom about where to do my PhD. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Anyway, things aren't looking so good when it comes to my chances of finding love in the deep south. I think you can... well, infer quite a bit about me if you look at my best match states.

Will this ultimately affect my decision? Stay tuned...

2 remarks:

Kayla said...

This post made me laugh to myself. I love OkCupid! I haven't been on in a while, but I must check out this maps thing.

The Damsel said...

I want one!