It's Go Time

It's that time of the quarter when I cease being a charming, darling person and become a paper writing robot. My fridge is full of the necessities: Diet Coke, water, and an ovary-safe energy drink!

Paper, poster, paper, presentation, grading. Why am I still not freaking out? I think I've caught the grad school apathy.

Goal for tonight is to write an intro/lit review and the results section of one of my papers. Tomorrow I'll write the discussion. It's a 15-20 page paper. Which means it's going to be 15 pages... tables in text, including an abstract. I'm currently at 5 pages. Huzzah! If I can get 7 more written tonight, I'll be golden. GOLDEN!

Goodbye, Blogosphere. When I next emerge, I'll be a stronger, wiser person.

I think.


2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with . . . . everything you are doing!

Caitlin said...

You can do it! I've never heard of a Go Girl Energy Drink but it looks awesome!