Heart of Dixie

Hello from Auburn, Alabama! So far, I've had a lot of fun. Everyone is incredibly friendly. The flight from Sacramento to Atlanta was long but, hey, I got an entire can of Bloody Mary Mix AND an entire can of Diet Coke... they even threw in tiny bags of peanuts! :-) Hahaha. The drive from Atlanta to Auburn was easy and went by quick.

The best thing yet? The kind gent here at the B&B upgraded me from the cheapest room to a very luxurious suite. The B&B is awesome. Oodles of pictures to follow...

Let's start at the beginning!

Gnome in Atlanta! Picked up my car on Georgia State's campus.
Warm! Such lovely weather. Blossoms, tulips, daffodils abound.
Not too humid... at least at 8 pm.
Awful picture of downtown as proof I was in Atlanta!
Lots of cool buildings...
I saw as I was trying to turn around to get on the 85.
How us Celiacs do road trips!
Home of Auburn University!
Difficult self-portrait situation, haha.
My suite at the B&B! Everything I'd imagined!
I love old fireplaces.
Half the reason why I want to live in the Winchester Mansion.
Love the molding, bay windows, and the high ceilings!
Close-up of the fireplace.
My bedroom.
Hello gnome!
Other fireplace.
Being all serious in my rocking chair.
Claw foot tub!!
Happy about this plumbing!
And they completely anticipated my needs upon arrival. :-D
Tomorrow brings lots of meetings with faculty and a little grad student hang out. Expect pictures and news on the morrow!

Now I'm going to go jump in that claw foot tub...

2 remarks:

TahoeCaitlin said...

So fun! That B&B is very southern, and very sweet! I love it! It looks like a great place to visit.... ;)

Anonymous said...

The B&B looks fantastic. Good luck with all your interviews!