If you're not an easy mark...

it's a shot in the dark that hits the heart.

Today has been a nice day. After a near mental breakdown yesterday (I apologize to everyone who had to witness me in my funk), I took the rest of the day off and slept in. Much needed especially since it'll all get crazy again starting tomorrow. How I'm looking forward to this quarter being over.

I did a little bit of work today and got some really excellent advice about getting around Atlanta from my friend Christian. He may have saved my life. I wish I were exaggerating... avoid MARTA. Then I chatted with my sister for a while, ran a few errands, and caught up with my Sweet Sara Caroline. I think I'm ready to get back to the grind.

Just a few random photographs from today:

The resident in Three is quite interested.
Someone is going to do my laundry. (You like that, San Diego Caitlin?)
I am working on my listography. This might just be my kind of journal!

2 remarks:

Emily said...

I love the note on your door!

Caitlin said...

Whoa! Go laundry service and go yellow laundry bag!