Singing Songs About the Southland

Plans are all set in motion for this Calitahn belle to head down south! It's going to be an adventure! I'm flying directly to Atlanta from Sacramento. Rental cars are crazy expensive for us under 25 folks but fortunately there are ZipCars in Atlanta! So I found a car parked close to a metro stop and booked it. From Atlanta, I'll be driving about 100 miles to Auburn. I will be making an Southern-inspired misdisc so recommendations are very welcome. I've got these songs so far:

and, well, obviously:

I am staying in a cute Victorian B&B in Auburn, near campus and downtown. I'm excited to check it out, meet with faculty and grad students. After my two days in Auburn, I'll have two full days in Salt Lake (I'm in need of some bunny cuddle time)! Then I'll fly back to Sacramento and in just three days, I'll be heading to Montreal. My Plan C has been flight attendant. We'll see if I can really handle flying that much!

The other news is I have a full thesis committee! My committee is made up of three wonderful professors. I am so excited for their comments and critiques on my thesis. Very exciting stuff! And next week, I will advance to candidacy!

Finally, the past week has been all sorts of hectic and crazy and it's not going to end anytime soon. It's just go, go, go. But, fortunately, it's not at all lonely. I'm really starting to feel like Davis is home. I have such wonderful friends here (and in Salt Lake, Caitlin ;-)) that they are bordering on family!


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