Da Hood

Tahoe Caitlin sent me a link to check out her graduation dress.

Graduation dress! Oh my God. Something I hadn't even thought of yet. So I spent a little too much time on Anthropolgie and, um, Saks Fifth Avenue's websites. So many cute things.

This has sexy librarian written all over it.

Love the flowers!

Pretty sweet.


UC colors!


Um... Dior. $3k. I just like looking...
But mostly I'm just excited to get my hood and to take pictures with my fellow grads. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it. All of this end-of-quarter madness will be worth it!

3 remarks:

Ali Sadler said...

You have great taste, Nat! I love all of these! And I am so excited to come and see you graduate.

Susan said...

I like the floral or the black. Classy.

Em said...

Yay graduating! I love the first one with the yellow. The blue is nice too and the black.