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Alice Paul toasting (with grape juice)
the passage of the 19th Amendment
August 26, 1920
Today marks the 90th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. It blows my mind that it was only 90 years ago.

While today is a celebration, it's also a reminder of how far we have to go to have liberty and justice for all. Women still are not equal, in the government's or society's eyes (ERA, anyone?). Minorities of various types are still fighting for civil rights. If you have time, I highly suggest you read some of the anti-suffragist material from that era. Have things really changed? The arguments certainly haven't changed much.

But today I am so grateful for the women and men who worked so hard and never gave up to give women a voice in politics and, more slowly, other social spheres (e.g., in education and organized religion).

If you need a movie to watch tonight, I highly recommend Iron Jawed Angels. If you have young children, pop in Mary Poppins and pause to discuss what the children's mother was fighting for. Or, like me, sip a glass of grape juice and read up on the political candidates running for office this November.

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Emily said...

Girl power! I am also proud to have a mom who raised smart, independent, educated girls who can think for themselves!