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In the episode of Dexter I watched today, character Lt. Maria Laguerta had this great line:
Do you know what erratic means?
It's code. For non-male.
It's not often that I find myself pausing a show and cheering. But there I was. 
It's just like hysteria. 'Cause, you know, man is normal. But
woman is literally a monster: a failed and botched male who is only born female due to an excess of moisture and of coldness during the process of conception.

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Anonymous said...

Doomlazer recommends Dexter as well and I still haven't given it a chance.

"Every man, deep down, knows he's a worthless piece of shit." - Valerie Solanas

Boy not girl. Girl not boy. Scared of that which they don't understand they hurl insults at each other. Playground rules. Insults often a form of flirtation. Engage without risking damage to ego.