Curve of the Earth - Song.a.Day

I tried to come down from you
I tried with your voice in my head
Knocking me back every inch I moved
I'm a sucker for a good lie
The way you say you understand
And how you always talk of catching me
But never open up your hand...

...I know you're here to catch your breath
But I'm not listening for the right words anymore
I'll take what's left
You're vicious like the blue sky
Right before the rain comes pouring through
Tell me does he look like me at all
Cause there are an awful lot like you....

Matt Nathanson... is delicious. He's right up there with Carter Oosterhouse.

It's perfectly natural for a twenty-something-year-old to have celebrity crushes.

Anywho, if you're my age, you've most likely heard his song on the American Pie soundtrack. I like that song a whole lot but realized there was much more Matt Nathanson to be discovered a few years ago when Car Crash was a free single on iTunes; like Curve of the Earth. Give it a listen. His voice is pure ear candy.

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