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That right there is the Scantron 888P+, vintage Scantron machine.

I am a really great reader/TA. Why? Well, I run every test through two different machines. One is the latest in Scantron technology. It reads the front and back of tests, gives a total score on the front, and imports all of the scores into an Excel file. Best of all, it has an automatic feeder.

However, it doesn't mark which answers are wrong, which is where 888P+ comes in. This marks the wrong answers wrong and gives the student the correct answer. It doesn't have an automatic feeder (*rubs shoulder*) but it does "beep beep!" like a car at you when you turn it on or off or reset the key.

The process is very automatic and, if students do their job and fill in the test form and their ID number, it is pretty darn fast.

Now all that's left is alphabetizing the Scantrons, stapling them to the already alphabetized anatomy sheets, entering the anatomy scores into the excel file and creating the students' whole scores, and uploading the scores to Smartsite, UC Davis' version of WebCT.

And that's how you grade.

In other news:
I ran across a tree with these flowers on it on campus. Isn't it lovely. Sorry for the extreme contrast. That's what happens sometimes when you take a picture at 2 PM in broad daylight! Lovely none-the-less.

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Emily said...

You are the BEST TA! Good work getting all that done in 24 hours! Amazing!