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Today, I traveled back to Davis from Salt Lake with a lay-over in Fabulous Las Vegas. Flying in was very cool. I knew the airport was near the strip but had no idea how close it was! It made me want to stay and do all sorts of Vegas-y things. Mainly window shop at the Bellagio and Caesar's. Anywho, above are the slot machines in Terminal B.

I walked around the slot machines for a bit trying to decide what to play. I am sure I had an overwhelmed, Utah girl look on my face as I walked around looking for my lucky machine. The cashier asked, "Hey! Are you twenty-one?" I said, "Yep." She said, "Oh, ok." No ID required. Ha. I decided to go with the most attractive looking game -- Wheel of Fortune -- and met my misfortune. I gambled one whole dollar and walked away with a penny. Ninety-nine pennies of entertainment for sure!

The highlight of my flights was flying over the Great Salt Lake. You can see the lake in the lower left area. And that freeway there? My favorite: I-80.

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Ali said...

looks like you had some good times in the City of Sin airport! Thanks for visiting and being our tour guide of CA!