Candles + Crown of Thorns - Photo.a.Day

Last night I lit some candles. I love to just simply watch them flicker.
The cracked glass makes the most interesting shadows.
A little more abstract:
Today I slept in. Then grabbed lunch downtown. It was overcast and cool, perfect for people watching on E Street. I walked to the bank to get quarters (laundry day!) and then to Nestware, a small boutique with fun home decor, office supplies, jewelry, and gifts. They had a Mini Diana camera that looked so appealing.
I then walked to Ace Homeware to do some research on mandolines and irons. Nothing very appealing. Then to Ace Hardware and into their garden. I've been looking for a low maintenance plant to keep in my window. I found her!
She has the most wonderful thorns, too.
Now it's time to do laundry and start grading again. Happy Saturday!

2 remarks:

Emily said...

It's my friend from Madagascar! It's my favorite indoor plant! I love that plant! I love it's playdough looking flowers! I love that plant! Enjoy her!

Sarah said...

E Street is THE best place in Davis to people watch! I shoulda known that you were already aware of that. I like sitting at the bench under the broken clock next to Baskin Robbins.

Ah Natalie, you are quickly turning into one of my most favorite people :)