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I had a very nice day. I met with Nicole and received the first stack of things to grade for the session. They are brief reading responses. So far they are very interesting. I'll be proctoring an exam on Thursday. It's strange to be doing this alone with *only* 90 students. It doesn't seem to be nearly the production last quarter was with two other TAs and a whopping 500 students!

After my meeting with Nicole, I met with Mayra and we worked on the consent and IRB forms for the study we're helping put together. Mayra is so wonderful to work with! She told me that she wanted to do more work... I told her she could finish the IRB. So now I am going to get back to work on summarizing all the measures. We're going to collect a lot of really interesting data. It's exciting! The next four weeks are going to entail a bit of a balancing act but I believe I do my best when I'm busy!

What are you, dear readers, up to?

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