The Varsity + Case - Photo.a.Day

Tonight my dad drove to Davis from Palo Alto, where his Bellevue patent firm has an office, to have delicious green curry with me. We talked about iPhones and I took him on a little walk to the Varsity Theatre (Davis' indie theatre) because I wanted to take a picture of it at night.
He snapped a picture of me snapping a picture of the theatre.
I really like the iPhone -- especially for all of its applications. But thus far I prefer Sony Ericsson's c905a's camera to the iPhone camera. Of course, the primary focus (pun certainly intended) of the c905a is the camera.

In other news:
My sweet aqua-colored, argyle-patterned case came today. It is perfect... especially considering the fact that it was $9.99 flat. It matches my MacBook Pro case perfectly. Well-coordinated!


Much more excitingly, Stephanie's younger sister had her baby! She was born 3 weeks early and weighs only 5 lbs 5 oz, but she is healthy. Yay for Auntie Steph and family!

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