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I took a page out of my younger sister's and my mom's book, and decided to visit a museum only a few blocks away from me! As you can see, it's called the Hattie Weber Museum and was originally the town library. It is really great and I learned all sorts of new things. It technically was supposed to be a pioneer museum but the curator decided to add some information about Davis post-1940.

There were a couple of old, charming bicycles, lots of information on a Hunts packaging plant (as in the tomatoes) that used to be in Davis, information about the founder of Davis (a man by the name of, you guessed it, Davis) and other noteworthy townspeople (Anderson, Chiles, and others) and, my favorite, information on Hattie Weber and the Davis Bachelor Girls. Hattie and a group of fellow single Davisville women got together and started the library. They did lots of great things, including teaching children in the area how to read.

They had a little exhibit on the failed silk project in town. I told the docent about Brigham Young's silk plan... which failed. And then about my ancestors being sent to "Dixie" or Southern Utah to grow cotton. That plan also failed. She asked how my ancestors survived in such rough country. The pioneers that made it to California really did have it sweet in comparison with a nice climate and fertile soil. Another woman visiting the museum, the docent, and I chatted about UC Davis' olives, wine, and lack of a creamery. This town needs a good, local creamery, darn it!

Afterwards, I went to the Co-Op for lunch:
and grocery shopping. Extra happy bonus for me! They had Sunny Slices and my favorite mocha almonds on sale!

Happy weekend, friends!

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