Waiting for the bus - Photo.a.Day

Q: How sweet is this application (UCD Mobile)?
A: Pretty darn sweet!

The red pins are stops, the blue dot is me, and the little bus is... you guessed it, the bus.

So far today has been very nice. Bus fare was free (save the air!) and I worked on a new project at the FRoG this morning. Now I am home about to make a simple lunch (toast, tomato, carrots) and work on the survey and then the thesis.

It's so nice to be home before the temp gets over 100*F. (We are currently at 99!) This weekend, the temperature will drop to the upper-70s. I'm thinking about doing a day trip via train to Sacramento to go to the California State Railroad Museum and people watch.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Emily said...

This is awesome! I am glad that you had a good day! Sorry we didn't get to talk for long today!