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I tried to get a photo today. I stood behind a blossoming tree in an attempt to photograph the blinking lights on the lampposts, families, lovers, bicyclists, and cute mom and daughter pair that walked by together. But no dice.

Davis is hot midday but delightfully cool in the mornings and evenings. The morning is filled with bicyclists commuting to campus. The evening is full of people enjoying a game of basketball, a stroll through downtown, dinner, maybe drinks, and each other's company.

When my mom and sister came to visit a few weeks ago, my mom noted that Davis had a nightlife. It's not a nightlife like New York City or Los Angeles has, but compared to Salt Lake City... yes, it's alive.

I think there are quite a few reasons for this, like the lack of LDS influence as well as us actually having a thriving downtown. I absolutely love it. Between these lovely evenings and the farmer's market, I really feel like Davis is a community.

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Emily said...

Davis is an awesome community! I totally agree! What a wonderful place to live!