Heads Carolina, Tails California - Song.a.Day

Natalie's Favorite Country Music: Part 1 of 5

I've made a joke that I can count the number of country songs I like on one hand. I thought about putting together a week of my favorite country songs... but I could only find five. Here's part one of a five part series!

...Heads Carolina, tails California
Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer
Up in the mountains, down by the ocean
Where? It don't matter long as we're going somewhere together
I've got a quarter, Heads Carolina, tails California

We can load what we own in the back of U-haul van
Couple of modern-day Moses searching for the Promised Land
We can go four hundred miles before we stop for gas
We could drive for a day and then we'll take a look at the map....

I guess it's pretty obvious why I love this song. Let's just hope Jo Dee Messina gets tails!

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