Wanted - Photo.a.Day

Well, Ben dug his way out today in hopes of greener pastures, I suppose. I noticed him missing at about 2 PM and figured he was asleep somewhere. I decided to wait until this evening to find him while he was grazing. My sister and I walked around the block and spotted him on a neighbor's driveway. Ben's innate wild self came out in full force and he evaded "arrest." While my sister went to gather the troops, I followed him to where he had been hanging out all day in someone's backyard...
It was one of the most beautiful vegetable gardens I had ever seen. Typical rabbit behavior. :-)
He hid behind some raspberries but we eventually got him out. I held him tight all the way home. Once back on his turf, he was back to good old friendly Ben.
Thank goodness he's home and safe!

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