Famous Last Words - Song.a.Day

Sisters and I in Avalon, NJ, July 2007
(Note my poor distended abdomen due to undiagnosed celiac disease.)
Sitting here in Avalon
Looking at the pouring rain
Summertime has come and gone
And everybody's home again
Closin' down for the season
I found the last of the souvenirs
I can still taste the wedding cake
And it's sweet after all these years...

...Comfort in my coffee cup
Apples in the early fall
They're pulling all the moorings up
And gathering at the legion hall
Swept away all the streamers
After the Labor Day parade
Nothing left for a dreamer now
Only one final serenade...

...Stack the chairs on the table tops
Hang the sheets on the chandeliers
It slows down but it never stops
Ain't it sweet after all these years

And these are the last words I have to say
It's always hard to say goodbye
But now it's time to put this book away
And that's the story of my life....

This is the last Song.a.Day for the summer! It's been fun to share some music, hopefully the blogosphere enjoyed it!

This song reminds me of a lot of transitions in my life, from moving from Utah to Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania to Utah, and Utah to California. Saying goodbye to some people, saying hello to others. New school years and crisp autumn evenings.

I had the pleasure of visiting Avalon during my last week living on the east coast. My sisters, mom, and I booked a room in a charming seaside hotel and spent days collecting shells, playing in the water, and walking around the lovely town. It was the calm before the storm. When we arrived back home, we started packing up all of our things. Again. Within a week, we were on the road. Life as I knew it was over. Greener pastures were ahead -- though I didn't know it.

Well, the rest is history.

Now I wonder if I'll ever return to Avalon.

2 remarks:

Emily said...

Ah, Avalon! What a lovely place! What a bizare time! Everything you wrote is so true, I almost started to cry!

Kayla said...

I've always thought Avalon was one of the most beautiful names for something. In 5th grade I read "The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and for a long time was way into Avalon and Arthurian legend.

The NJ one sounds just as lovely. Something seaside would be delicious right about now. :)