Saxy Post - Photo.a.Day

Nothing remotely interesting happened today. I've been grading and working on my thesis. I watched one episode of Reno 911 and the finale of Design Star (woot, Emily won!). No real opportunities for photographing. So above's an oldie. I've been missing Tiffany, my alto sax, lately. I think it's because I (1) need more creative outlets and (2) have been listening to a lot more jazz than usual in the past few days. Perhaps I'll bring her and Roberta (my gorgeous soprano) back with me after my trip home. Find a practice room and make some sweet, sweet music.
P.S. It's going to be 105*F here tomorrow! I've got my Otter Pops ready to go!

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Heather said...

I love that you named both of your saxes!