So I already have a number of birthday plans. Let me share them with you...

#1. Gin and ginger. I'm going to drink for the first time ever on a plane. A friend recommended I try a gin and ginger. Any other suggestions?

#2. Carrot cake.

#3. It's going to be 18*F and snowy! Brr. I'm going to grab a white mocha on my way out of the airport.

#4. It's going to be 18*F and snowy! Which means Ben better be ready for some snuggle time.

#5. Scarlet Pimpernel. My younger sister and I, and whoever else is around, are going to watch it! Ali's taking me to see it live on the 27th! :-D

#6. My family has a tradition of going out to eat on birthdays, but I'd rather eat in. I'm thinking lasagna or my favorite comfort food, chicken and rice. Those are two dishes I really can't make and eat living alone.

#7. Mostly, I'm just excited to be going home. My birthday last year was lots of fun, too, but I like celebrating it with the family. YAY!

2 remarks:

Elissa said...

Guess you have a birthday coming up this week--happy happy! Have a wonderful birthday and Thanksgiving trip home!

Emily said...

I am very excited for this week and to see you on your birthday! See you very soon! I put an awesome card in the mail for your today, I hope you get it before Wednesday - you will laugh!