walnuts and feta

Feta. Walnuts. Spring mix. Oil and vinegar.

Trader Joe's opened here in Davis on Friday. I am a ten minute walk from my favorite grocery store ever (sorry, DFC, but you are too expensive)! Caitlin and I went last night and stocked up on the essentials. Examples: raw almonds, tomato-less salsa, tamales, goat cheese, lemon yoghourt, and two-buck chuck. Oh, and $2/lb gluten-free pasta. You read that right. $2/lb. It almost makes me cry!

Needless to say, my appetite and my wallet are quite thrilled.

2 remarks:

Misty said...

Corn and chile tomato-less salsa?! I miss TJ!

Natalie said...

Yep, that's the stuff! What are your favorite things from TJ's? I'd love some suggestions!