I'm back home! Have a moment to blog while I eat my bizarre dinner of tater tots and tofu.

I appreciate the alliteration!

I can't decide what to call "home"*. But I'm in California. Palm trees, greenery, and so many leaves have turned!

And, comparatively, this place is toasty! I'll take some low 50's. They had to spray our plane with a de-icing chemical so that the wings would cease to be frozen and wouldn't freeze in the air. :-/ I was unawares that was a real possibility... I did think though that it would be a pretty good time in my life, as far as times are concerned, to go down in a plane crash. Then people could talk about all the things I was going to do as opposed to everybody thinking about me as the gal who couldn't get into a PhD program were a plane to go down, say, in May. Haha, I guess I have some pretty dark thoughts at times. And I really don't know why I'm sharing them. Just spreading the moroseness...

So I was stuck in the plane next to a rather large fellow for an extra hour and a half... without the use of my portable electronic devices. Unfortunately, I had decided to check my bag with my reading in it. :-/ So it was just me and some daydreaming for a nice long time. My daydreams were quite pleasant. Thinking about how cool it would be to work in various peoples' labs. How the life of a PhD student is so glamorous in its own way.

Anyway, life's about to get crazy. Actually, I think it has already hit that point! So I'm off to do one of about 20 things I should have gotten done this weekend. Awesome... I love myself for doing this to me.

*Except for tuition purposes! I am a Californian. For sure. Absolutely.

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