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Dear Blogosphere,

Today has been great. I got a full 8 hours of sleep! lots of stuff done! have adopted a "que sera, sera" attitude! and spent a glorious $60 on Amazon! All fun stuff! And no, there is not a shortage of exclamation points!!

"for audrey" nail polish
amy sedaris's new book
an iphone case... with stripes!
and something else

Read somewhere that it's bad form to post poetry on your blog...




3 remarks:

Kayla said...

Dude, it's YOUR blog. Poet it up!

Caitlin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the nail polish color. And you'll have to let me know about amy's book. I was reading amazon reviews earlier tonight about people who were offended. Duh, why did they buy the book then?!?

Natalie said...

@Kayla -- MAYBE I will! :-) I know it's my blog but I don't want people to read it and go, "Whoa, she ain't no poet, too bad she don't know it!" Or something like that.

@Caitlin -- I am so excited for the book and the polish. And I think you will approve of the other two things I got. ;-) So, I wasn't sure I would get Amy's book UNTIL I read the reviews by offended people. They totally sold me on it! Haha. I'll bring the book when I come to SL in December! We can peruse it together. Maybe even craft it up!