sennheiser px 100

My poor Sennheiser headphones died tonight.

rest in peace
Complete tragedy. These were the best headphones I've ever owned. Great sound quality and they would fold up neatly to fit in even a small purse. Did I mention the sound quality? Perfection.

One of the wires came loose. NOOO!

I am aware that it is 4 AM and my tears are probably due to a combination of not feeling good and probably needing some sleep, but these headphones and I have been through a lot together. I've had them for about 4 years. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I'd literally escape through them. Listening to Cat Stevens or the Savage Lovecast. They were on my head through the worst of times.

Why, oh why must they go? And why did they stop making them in white? Why will it cost me about $70 to replace them?

Fortunately, I have another great pair of headphones that I usually use in my apartment (as they are rather large -- audiophile-style) so I am not completely left out in silence... but, so sad.

OK, back to thesis. I was getting lots done until...


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