Happy SG Day!

Summer 2004.

My friends and I snagged seats behind him and his friends...

"Hey, Natalie, when's your birthday?"
"November 2x..."

He turns around...

"No way! Mine is November 27!"

"Sagittarian pride!"

I know only three things about him. #1 He was full of brains. #2 His name. #3 His birthday.

And I was too chicken to ever initiate a real conversation with him.

So what is SG Day? A day for fools like me to stop being chickens! Go for it! Whatever 'it' may be! If you don't, you might just keep on regretting it.

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The Damsel said...

Wooo!!! In honor of SG day, head to this site:
For the faint of heart, I promise it's not porn.