Hello, November

A poem for my friends and my siblings!

October rushed by,
So much, so little happened.
Two new close friends,
Old friends miles, months behind.
Heart fixed!
Thanks to time and you.

And the luck that brought us together!
How incredible. I can't get over it.

My apartment may be a reflection of my life,
Chaos! Fun, happy chaos.
So hello, November, 
Come into my arms.
I'm into something good.
Something that's going somewhere good.

And are you aware of it?
I'm quietly smiling until you notice.

This November's about balance,
Setting limits and gaining strength.
It's hard to say no,
When all I want is yes.
But life's not easy,
Hey, no one makes it out alive.

Just keep reminding me about the long shot,
And the long haul, and always tomorrow. 

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