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This post certainly needs a particular musical selection:

I completely forgot to post my Halloween "costume." Here it is!

So the colors are fabulous, aren't they?! My costume is of course that of a victim of the Ice Truck Killer. Ahh, I love Dexter!

So the "costume" came to a grand total of $10. I bought the cheapest nail polish at Target (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear). The colors are: Blue Me Away! (pinky), Crushed (ring), Purple Potion (middle), Green With Envy (index), and Mellow Yellow (thumb). The Ice Truck Killer would mark where he was going to chop the women up... hence the Sharpie marks on my fingertips.

The real thing (my colors were a little off):

2 remarks:

Emily said...

Taylor liked your Halloween costume! He explained it to me and I like it too!

Misty said...

And no blood, nice... heehee. Dexter is the bomb.