should i be concerned about this?

So I've been rerunning some of the analyses for my thesis just to make sure that I did them correctly. I was going along just fine until I started at the beginning and noticed that I had an F statistic when I should have had a chi-square. Concerning... I think it was just a cut-and-paste error, but still.

So I decided I had better go through it all again. I seemed to have made three different versions of a relationship quality variable. One was created incorrectly. One was ok but just not in the proper format. And one was correct. I wanted to make sure it was correct though, so I recreated that variable. It was right. But now when I run the analysis, I have one less degree of freedom. Where did that person go? How much should I fret?

This is why my thesis is taking so long.

In other news... how about this series of PHD Comics. I LMAO'ed.

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