promises like pie-crust

Autumn has formally arrived. I believe it came last night -- in with a delightful rainy day. I love cloudy skies, the way the leaves congregate in puddles in the street, and how people rush by in attempts to stay dry. Bicyclists with umbrellas.

Of course, there is something about rainy days that ought to be enjoyed in the company of others. They are romantic or lonely. Or some combination of both.

I've been in a strange mood for the past few weeks. I think it's homesickness. A little loneliness. I'm tired of living alone. There are perks to living alone but next year, I'm going to try to mix it up. Get a roommate and/or a boyfriend or, if neither of those things come to fruition and I'm still here, I think I'm going to try to move into a cottage. More conducive to throwing parties, I think.

I think I have a case of Second Year Blues.

Anyway, one more thing. A friend of mine has been doing Weight Watchers and it seems to be working so I've decided to give it a three month try. Also, some of the recipes I've looked at look downright delicious. Mmm... :-)

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Emily said...

Beautiful pictures! Do not fret - you will be visiting very soon!